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I just bought a Cabas Mezzo off eBay to possibly use as a diaper bag. I like that I can later use it for myself. I don't like (nor can I afford) the Mini Lin Diaper Bag. So...Has anyone ever used a Cabas Mezzo as a diaper bag? If you have, how did it work out for you? Was it easy to get to the things you needed? What didn't you like about the Mezzo for a diaper bag. TIA!!  Finally! Buy Sexy Bikinis I have strayed once or twice but I have always ended up going back to LV... Although the Celine Marcie is seriously making me want to stray again... louis vuitton luggage id get them right before the increase. Id definitely avoid the increase if you can. Especially since you plan on buying 2 bags which will cost a fair bit in the end. The increase difference will be significant. Pre increase you're at 2305 before tax. After increase (6% increase lets say) you will be looking at 2443. thats 138$ diff. Either you can save the difference or you can use it to justify buying something like a bandeau or whatever. louis vuitton purse OMG! I LVoe that bag! I wanted it but it is too heavy for me! I'm a weakling and I don't put a lot of stuff in my purse because I don't like my bags to be heavy. Girl you rocking that bag! That actually looks fantabulous on you! Congrats on your HG!  iamonds & handbags... my favorites! Here I would have to say go for the diamonds. They are classic, will never go out of style and are something that will last forever. I know we  ,No way i think you need a clutch sobe or sunset and maybe eva in ebene! :) louis vuitton replica Congrats!! louis vuitton 
louis vuitton handbags Great Gifts and ultra sweet hubby, Congrats!
 I love the Artsy! Planning on getting one myself in the GM size I just hope that the strap grows on me, I <3 everything else about it! louis vuitton bags 

Suhali or the calfskin leather from Sofia Coppala bag LV